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More than 30 years in the entrepreneurial space with over 30 successful startups and strong financial services, retail, telecoms and media experience

  • daniel-guasco

    Daniel Guasco

    It is said that some people are born entrepreneurs. In my case, I was only 12 when I started my first business, in fact so young that my driver!

    I’ve been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures and blue chip companies across 10 countries - forming start-ups and SMEs; to launching Twangoo in South Africa in 2011, later bought by Groupon to become one of the most popular group buying sites on the African continent.

    I have worked across Africa, the UK and Central and Eastern Europe - including extensive experience in developing markets such as Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Croatia. These days I can be found investing and consulting on number of projects and investments that incorporate my experience in start-ups and technology.


    Wayne Gosling

    Entrepreneurship, technology and people drive me. I live for change, a fast pace and realising opportunity. I thrive on challenges and getting things done.

    I’m a strong advocate of lean start-ups, with a quick build from concept to execution based on experience, talent and insight. The lean start-up methodology and exit-centric focus have always served me, from when I started and sold my first business in university, to selling Twangoo to Groupon in 125 days and becoming their South African CEO.

    I have strengths in systems, processes and execution. I have an intense interest in what makes businesses thrive and am motivated by the opportunities that technology represents, particularly in Africa.

Who we invest in:

We believe that start ups that live and breath the following traits are bound for success, and as such like to partner with them:

Clarity of purpose: Are able to summarize the company’s business in 30 seconds.

Large markets: Looking to solve problems in existing markets poised for rapid growth or change.

Focus: Customers will only buy a simple product with a singular value proposition.

Think differently: Constantly challenge conventional wisdom. Take the contrarian route. Create novel solutions and outwit the competition.

Exceptional teams: All team members are the smartest or most clever in their domain. They have a AAA founder leading a AAA team.

Frugality: Ability to find the secret to scale before

Agility: Stealth and speed will usually help beat large companies.

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